Summer on the Shuswap

The summer is well under way on the Shuswap and people are enjoying their house-boating experience more than ever at “the house-boating capital of Canada”. A number of significant events have changed the house-boating environment this year.

Lowest freshet in 25 years

This year’s spring run-off produced the lowest peak flow in the 25 years since they’ve been keeping records. Waters crested in the Sicamous Channel at 347.591 m. on June 6. The previous low was in 2005 at 347.671 m. (about 3.5 inches higher). This means a safer Sicamous Channel to navigate, and an earlier bridge clearance date. This is a welcome change, as the last two years have seen near record high levels that produced a lot of flooding in the community, and treacherous navigational conditions.


So far this year (touch wood) we have not had serious wildfires throughout BC, the result of well-timed precipitation that came through June and into July and dampened the fire threat. This means the air is clear on the Shuswap, making for spectacular scenery and clean air to breathe. It also means that fire bans have not yet been put into effect (as of this writing), allowing campers to enjoy their evening campfires.

Waterways ceases operation

Waterways, the second largest houseboat company in the area, with 70 – 80 boats under contract, ceased operating June 11 after their bank forced them into receivership. This left clients who’d booked with them scrambling for alternatives or, in some cases, forfeiting their paid vacations. It also left many boat owners–only 7 boats, I’m told, were actually owned by Waterways, the rest being privately owned under a rental contract—scrambling to retrieve their boats and find new marinas in which to moor them.

Waterways was into its 51st season of operation on the Shuswap. It will be remembered for the free concerts it hosted in the middle of the lake on Victoria Day long weekend, last year featuring Trooper and this year The Stampeders.

Remote Escape Vacations is offering a 10% discount to any Waterways customers whose vacations got cancelled due to their foreclosure.

Trivia question

How many houseboats are available to rent on the Shuswap that sleep eighteen people? (answer below)

2019 dates still available on Remote Escape

July 11 – 17 (special deal: $2700)

July 22 – 26

Aug. 5 – 23

Aug 26 – Oct 14

(first date is date of departure after 1 pm, second date is date of arrival back at marina by 10 am.)

Prices until Aug 18: 3-night weekend or 4-night midweek $3540; full week: $5295.

August 19 – Sept 2: 3-night weekend or 4-night midweek $2440; full week: $3895.

After Sept 2: 3-night weekend or 4-night midweek $1895; full week: $2740.

Please visit our website: for all the details.

2020 Bookings now being taken

We’re already getting inquiries for the 2020 season. For now, we are holding our prices for 2020 to the same as 2019. After the season is over, the prices may rise, but 2019 prices will be held until October 14. Please contact us as soon as possible to reserve your preferred dates for 2020.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please click here for questions you might have about house-boating on the Shuswap.

Trivia answer

One. Only the Remote Escape has a capacity of 18. Twin Anchors has several much larger, and expensive, boats (as did Waterways), but the majority of houseboats on the Shuswap have maximum capacities of 15 or 16. At least two parties, so far this year, needed the extra two spaces to accommodate their groups.

For a great house-boating vacation on the Shuswap, please visit:

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