Remote Escape houseboat COVID-19 Update

As we get closer to the houseboat season, we wanted to keep you informed as to how things are evolving with regard to the current coronavirus situation. We are continuing to monitor the situation daily and are being guided by provincial guidelines and regulations.

Here in BC the signs are very encouraging! New confirmed cases are gradually dropping despite broadened testing criteria, death counts bounce back and forth between 1 and 5 daily but at least are not rising and, perhaps the most important stat is also the most encouraging: hospitalizations due to COVID-19 are steadily decreasing.

Restrictions have not yet been relaxed, though we’re expecting some relaxation soon. It should be noted that there are no restrictions that would prevent a houseboat vacation. However, we do want to be cautious and vigilant.

Like the other houseboat rental companies, we are preparing for and anticipating a relatively normal houseboat season. While it may be unlikely that we can provide houseboat vacations for the early Low Season (up to June 11) we’re hoping to be back to normal around then (still more than 7 weeks away), and surely before High Season starts (July 3).

We are currently doing the de-winterizing, mechanical upgrading and cleaning of the boat to prepare it for the summer season.

We are also taking special precautions this year that will be in place throughout the summer season. The houseboat will receive a deep cleaning and disinfecting between every rental group to the highest standards currently being applied to commercial operations, by professionals specializing in this service. We will also be extra vigilant in ensuring that all left-behind items are removed, so that there can be no transmission from one group to the next. Also, we will not be renting out bedding packages this summer; you will need to bring your own—as most people do anyways–and we encourage sleeping bags rather than sheets and blankets.

Should the situation not improve or even deteriorate, we will adjust policies as necessary. In the meantime, our normal policies, as outlined on our website, continue to apply.

House-boating is among the most self-isolating vacations from others that you can experience–other than your group on the boat, of course. So, as long as you are comfortable having that group in your “bubble,” we encourage you to consider this vacation option. We still have plenty of dates available in July, and a few later in the season.

Ron Geddert, Owner,

Remote Escape Vacations

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