House-boating and COVID-19

House-boating and COVID-19

Like me, you’re being inundated by “How we are dealing with the COVID-19 crisis” emails these days.

But it is important to let those of you who have booked a houseboat vacation this summer, or are considering doing so, to understand what is involved and what steps we are taking to deal with the current crisis. Your health and safety is our concern.

First, let me clarify that it is hoped the current crisis will be largely over by the time the season gets seriously underway. It is still two months before the Victoria Day kick-off and more than three months before High Season starts. It is really too early to finalize adjustments, for us or our clients, but we are already preparing for that, should this drag on longer than is likely.

Second, house-boating isolates you from others, except for your family and friends on the same boat with you. So, outside of this small group, it is one of the safest summer vacation activities available. Besides, you are outside, most of the time.

Third, the marina (as of this date) has not informed us of any plans to alter their operations. We have not made any plans to alter ours, either. We will, however, take whatever precautions are necessary should any remnant of the crisis still be in effect at the time of your vacation.

Fourth, we are planning for extra measures beyond the normal thorough cleaning, to be taken before each new group boards the Remote Escape houseboat, to avoid transmission from one group to another. This will include such measures as wiping down all handrails, door-knobs, steering wheels, controls, switches, towel bars, etc.; using appropriate detergents in the deep cleaning that is done on the boat; and removing any left-over items (such as soaps, foods, etc.) from the previous group.

Fifth, we are, and will continue to be, guided by official policies. For example, as of now there is no prohibition in BC for gatherings under 50 people, so this does not affect house-boating. If they drop that number to 10, and the policy is still in effect at the time of your booking, it will. If you are forced to cancel your booking due to provincial regulations, your deposit and any final payments will be fully refunded. However, if you choose to cancel your booking at your own initiative but not due to prohibition by authorities, then normal refund policies will apply, as outlined on our website.

Sixth, as this is a domestic activity for most, it may be a great alternative to any international trips that you have planned but need to now cancel. Although we are nearing full capacity in High Season (but not Mid and Low), there are still a few openings and, with the many uncertainties, may be more last minute openings available.

We will keep you informed, should there be any further actions that need to be planned before the season starts.

Thank you for your patience.

Ron Geddert, Owner,

Remote Escape houseboat Vacations

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