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Yes. At least one person must have a valid Pleasure Craft Operator Card and we recommend that at least 2 persons in the group have a license and prior boating experience. 

No, a captain is not usually provided.  However, if your group is small and a room can be spared for a Captain it could be arranged.  One other option would be for the captain to travel to and from the boat using a smaller craft.  While this can be arranged there would be added cost depending on your trip details and would be determined on a case by case basis.

No, we currently do not have ski boats or sea-doos for rent. There are several rental companies on the lake or near our docking area that you can arrange to rent from.  We typically recommend “Full Speed” rentals as they are located two docks down from us on your way out of the channel and you can pull up to their dock and pick up your rental!  We do, however, have a motorized rubber dinghy that may be available to rent.

No, some items you see in pictures may have been provided by renters themselves and taken with them when they leave.  Our own photos on the “REMOTE ESCAPE” page are fairly accurate, each year some things could be removed or updated if there were any damages during prior rentals. Ask us if you have any specific concerns or requirements! 

Absolutely, if you or someone in your group has a boat or sea-doos you can launch them at the public launch beside our marina and pull them behind the houseboat for your trip.  Be sure to bring a long rope(s) for your toys as well as bumper buoys if you need to pull up close to the houseboat, other boats or docks to protect your boat and ours.  For safety we recommend that all additional personal watercraft be tied up securely next to the houseboator pulled up on shore at night.  

All water from the taps on-board is drawn from the lake, while it is generally ‘clean’ and probably would not do harm it is not recommended to drink. The water is usable for cleaning, showering, tooth brushing and boiling. 

Any water drawn into the boat for toilet use is contained in compartments of the pontoons directly below the bathrooms. This may get full quickly for large groups and will require pump out either at the dock after your trip or at a station during your trip.  Water used for dishes, showering, hand washing or from the hot tub is currently put back into the lake.  Regulations may change in the near future to have grey water containment but it is not required at this time. 

YES! Feel free to bring your own products for cleansers BUT if you forget or don’t know what products to use we do provide some for use during your trip.  On board you will find eco-friendly dish soap, shampoo & conditioner and hand soaps.

No, you can use any type of toilet paper you choose.  Some are more ‘absorbant’ than others and may take up more space in the holding tank. I would recommend using it sparingly.  Some groups have brought “RV” paper which breaks down easier for pump out but that is your choice.

Yes, fishing is popular on the Shuswap lakes.  You would need a BC fishing license and your own gear, which can be purchased in Sicamous if needed.  Fishing is best in bays and shallow areas near shore or you can use down rigging off the boat in deeper water. Interesting info… some areas of the lakes are over 800ft deep! …don’t drop anything! 

Yes, you can bring your favorite coffee pot (but one is provided), hair driers, curling irons or other small appliances. They will run on the boat BUT be aware that anything drawing higher amounts of power will drain the boat batteries faster or blow breakers!  We recommend you leave larger items at home and even when using smaller electric items (such as cell phone chargers) that you leave the boat running. Charging while you cruise is recommended so you aren’t using more fuel than necessary!

We do not provide a generator for your use.  Some groups that wish to bring larger electric items have brought small gas generators to give them additional power options.  Feel free to do the same if you desire but please observe the noise by-laws and use it outside of those hours to be courteous to other vacationers!

Our boat is LEGALLY rated for up to 18 passengers. Please do not boat with more than 18 persons on board for legal and safety reasons.  Fewer passengers are fine, more are illegal, and you may forfeit your trip and damage deposit.

There are 18 “one-size-fits-all” life vests on board in the event of an emergency.  Please feel free to bring your own personal life jackets.  PLEASE provide your own child or infant life jackets for added safety of children in your group and ensure they are worn anytime the child or infant is outside the main cabin.

On the boat there are fire extinguishers located on the front & back decks as well as the kitchen and upper deck.  Please do not discharge these unless there is an emergency or you will be charged for re-fill & servicing.  In addition to the 18 life vests, there is a life ring on the back deck.

Yes, house-boating is safe for all ages if the rules are observed and proper care is taken.  Any adventure can have accidents especially if it is something you aren’t used to doing.  Read and follow all the rules and practice safety around the water and your trip should be smooth sailing!  

Insurance regulations state that if we provide a First-aid kit for rentals we take on the liability for first-aid care and must ensure that specific amounts of products are on board for each trip for the specified number of passengers. If we provide a kit we also have to ensure proper first-aid certification and bottom line… you are responsible for your safety!  Please bring a First-Aid kit or supplies for your group.  In addition, this same regulation applies to: flashlights, survival gear, axes or flares.  

You will receive a handout during orientation (or find an EMERGENCY list) on board with instructions for Emergency call outs.  If you are stranded, have an injury or witness any emergency situations you can call our toll free number 24/7, call for mechanical services or radio for help.  There is cellular service on most areas of the lake but for remote areas without service there is a 2-way radio programmed for contact to marina staff. 

There is a slide off the back of the boat into the water, however the slide itself is not plumbed for water. 

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