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An Amazing Summer!

2020 was truly an amazing summer on the Shuswap:

  • An almost fully booked season for us. After the covid lockdown was lifted, inquiries and bookings sky-rocketed. Although we did lose most of June, the rest of the season was virtually booked full, including half of September. Other rental companies were also virtually fully booked, as well.
  • Covid19 affected, but didn’t diminish, the houseboat experience. It was more work for us, sanitizing between groups, etc., but house-boating proved one of the best ways to have a great summer vacation that met the covid protocols and gave people the kind of vacation to not regret the border closure.
  • The flood level lasted for over a month. Typically, the spring flood rises quickly to a peak sometime in June, then drops just as quickly. This year, because of all the June rains, it flooded the parking lot at Three Buoys Marina where the Remote Escape is moored in early June, and didn’t subside until around July 10. <photo>
  • A beautiful, warm summer season. When summer finally did arrive, there was hardly a day that wasn’t gorgeous until well into September. One group didn’t even bother filling the hot tub because the weather and Shuswap water were so comfortable.
  • No campfire bans. This is the first time in memory that campfires have been allowed right through the season, enhancing the experience of many guests. And only a very short smokey period from U.S. fires.


Photo contest

We’d hoped to restock our image file with a lot of new photos by holding a contest with a decent prize. We didn’t get as many submissions as we’d hoped but did get some. The winner is Kim and Sandy Konrad, with this winning photo.

We’re still accepting photos, but the big prize has been awarded.


Boat upgrades

This summer saw the Remote Escape mechanical systems significantly upgraded. A new (rebuilt) Merc engine (V6, 4.3L) replaced the aging Volvo engine, and a completely brand new drive was installed. This should provide peace of mind (for me) and unhindered operation now, for years to come. Smaller items are continually being replaced or upgraded on the boat, as well, to keep it in good condition.


A very unique August long weekend!

Because the boat was temporarily inoperable while awaiting the mechanical repairs mentioned above, several groups had to have their trips cancelled. But, instead of cancelling, the August long weekend group suggested we tow them out to a beach, leave them there for the weekend, then tow the boat back. So, we arranged that. They reported a fabulous weekend, hardly diminished by the experience and no regrets. (Hey, they didn’t have to navigate the behemoth through the bridge or around the lake, nor pay for any gas). Creative people find ways to have a great time even when Plan A goes awry. Kudos to the Le group!


Prices set for 2021

At the end of each season we evaluate the costs of operation and compare our rates to those of the other rental companies, to determine what a fair price would be for the following season. This year we got some flack from the competition for being too much below their prices. So we’ve increased them a little for 2021, but we’re still below their prices (for equivalent boats). And, just so you know, we’re already 25% booked up (but for those already booked, your 2020 prices will be honoured.) Here are the 2021 prices:


Season3-night weekend4-night Midweek7 night week
High Season$3795$3795$5995
Mid Season$3325$3325$4525
Low Season $2165$2165$3165


High season is July 2-Aug22;

Mid season is June 11 – July 1 and Aug 23 – Sept 5;

Low season is May 14 – June 10 and Sept 6 – 30.



Remote Escape is now safely stowed for the winter. A few maintenance and upgrade items are being worked on this Fall and will be again in Spring. We look forward to taking your reservations for next season, starting May long weekend (May 14-17). All the info is available at www.RemoteEscapeVacations.com

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