December 2020 Newsletter

Put a houseboat under your tree this Christmas

Our most successful year is almost over. House-boating was a sliver of sunshine in this otherwise bleak year. The restricted travels of last summer allowed so many more people to discover the joys of house-boating. Many said they’ll certainly do it again.

At Remote Escape Vacations we are already planning for next summer.

Are you starting to think of next summer, too?

Why drive or fly long distances when you can get away from it all, in a gorgeous setting, with often perfect weather conditions just a few hours drive from home, in the centre of BC?

One of the best family Christmas gifts is a houseboat vacation. Think of it:

  • You can book it all online;
  • You can avoid dodging the covid-affected crowds in the malls;
  • It makes your Christmas shopping easy: You only have to get one gift for everyone in your whole group;
  • You only have to put down a deposit now, pay off the rest next spring;
  • You’ll have memories of a lifetime! Research has shown that money buys happiness very poorly if it is spent on things, but very well when it is spent on experiences.
  • And, best of all, you’ll get to celebrate now, and again in summer!

To learn more about house-boating with Remote Escape Vacations, please visit our website: or click here to book dates.

Boxing Week sale starts NOW!

Our Boxing Day sale will be almost two weeks long this year! Any booking between the moment this newsletter drops into your Inbox (Yup, that means it just started now!) and January 3 will be marked down by 10%. This temporarily brings prices back to approximately last year’s rates. They’ll go back up January 4.

Click here to get direct access to the booking form.

Would you like to own your own houseboat?

Maybe you’ve already house-boated numerous times and you’re thinking, “I know how much fun it is. Why not buy my own boat, and go whenever I want to?”

Well, Remote Escape is for sale, either the houseboat alone, or the combination of houseboat and business. If you buy both, you’ve already got a bunch of bookings to go with it next summer.

If you don’t care for the business, its’s a great boat to enjoy all summer long for yourself. Many people live on their boats on the Shuswap for 4-6 months of the year. Others come out numerous weekends or for a couple of weeks on their vacation time.

(For those who have already booked, and are thinking, “What happens to my booking if you sell the boat?”–don’t worry, you’ll be looked after.)

Interested? Contact me by replying to this email. Let’s get us each a Christmas gift: you get the boat; I get the sale.

Have a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New year!

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