Houseboat Season 2019

Well, it seems we are almost at the middle of April 2019 and that means houseboat season is just around the corner!

We are in the process of getting the boat ready for our 2019 season and are happy to say we have many weeks, and weekends booked with vacationers!

Captain Ron needs to remove the roof he built over the boat to help protect it from the snow the BC interior gets, and then get the boat water ready.

We all have our fingers, toes, legs crossed that this year there are no terrible storms to knock our boat out of commission like last year. Let’s look forward to an exciting summer on the water!!

Remote Escapes Fall Roundup – DISCOUNT OFFER!


The Shuswap was as gorgeous as ever this summer. But Remote Escapes’ summer season didn’t turn out exactly as planned.

June 25 a freak overnight storm not only terrified the 15-person group on Remote Escape at the time but severely damaged the boat when the surging waves flooded the engine compartment. Hours later, the boat was towed to the marina where it sat, out of the water, for much of the summer while repairs were done. Kudos to the group on the boat at the time for remaining level-headed and handling the crisis so well. Many other houseboats were also damaged in the same storm.

Unfortunately, as the repairs took dragged on, future bookings had to be cancelled. Thank you to all for the graciousness with which you accepted these necessary changes-of-plans, sometimes on short notice.

The good news is that Remote Escape is repaired, in better shape than ever, and back in the water. We look forward to a great season next year!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Shuswap Lake dangerous?

It can be. Storms most often develop in the late afternoon but they can come at any time. You need to keep both an ear and an eye on the weather and, at the first sign of a storm build-up, find a safe place to beach, or a sheltered cove where you can wait it out. A safe place means where there is not a long “fetch” behind you for the waves to build up. Mara Lake is much safer.

2. Which are the best beaches?

It depends what you are looking for. There are so many beaches for so many different tastes. Among the favorites are Hungry Cove, Marble Point, Tillis Beach and Horseshoe Bay. Neilsen Beach is very rowdy, and off limits for rental groups. Beaches along the Salmon Arm between Sicamous and the City of Salmon Arm are nice but you have to deal with the constant train noise along that stretch. One of them is a reputed nude beach, so that may either attract or repel you.

3. Where is the best place on the Lake to spot wildlife?

There probably is no “best place.” Wildlife are everywhere. But that doesn’t mean you’ll always encounter them. It’s always hit-and-miss. This August a mother bear and two cubs came down to the water almost right beside our houseboat while parked at Marble Point. But, beware of the wildlife at Hungry Cove. It’s the mice that are hungry there, and they may clamour up your ropes to get onto the boat.

4. Is there really a sea monster in the Lake?

Legend has it that there is a Shuswaggi, a 25-ft long serpentine creature living in the Lake. It is believed to be of unfriendly disposition and sometimes responsible for freak storms. Its furry can, apparently, be quelled by feeding it live chickens.

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We’re decided to hold all 2019 prices to the 2018 levels, even though costs keep escalating. And here’s the good news: For all bookings received before Nov. 11, 2018, we’ll give you 10% off those prices. From Nov. 12, 2018 to Dec. 31, 2018, you’ll get 5% off those prices.

The prices are always the same for a 3-day weekend (Fri, Sat, Sun nights) or a 4-day midweek (Mon – Thurs nights).

                                     LOW SEASON             MID SEASON             HIGH SEASON
Before June 6;              June 7 – July 4;           July 5- Aug 18
After Sept 2                  Aug 19 – Sept 2

3 Day Weekend             $1895                          $2440                           $3540
4 Day Mid Week            $1895                          $2440                            $3540
Full Week                        $2740                          $3895                            $5295

Custom dates: email for a quote.
Note: rarely is a regular mid-week available, so those trips must usually be customized.

Have you house-boated before? And got some great photos? We’d love to have you submit them for our use in future newsletters and social media. We’ll reward you by giving you a discount on your next booking with us. Simply reply to this newsletter and attach your photos.

The Beautiful Remote Escape

Aboard The Remote Escape house boat, we aim to provide a hassle-free, private, enjoyable vacation for our guests.

Aboard you will find 4 private staterooms, 2 loft rooms, 2 bathrooms, plus additional sleeping areas, front and rear decks, and a full kitchen including: appliances, cooking pots, dishes, utensils and dish towels. Also on board is an 8-person hot tub, a deck shower, large BBQ, waterslide, TV with DVD, and a stereo system equipped with Sirius Satellite Radio.

There is still time to book your vacation with us for Fall and start planning for Summer 2019!

Contact us today for more information!

First Day of Fall

Today is the first official day of fall, although the cooler temperatures have made the last couple weeks feel like fall had already hit!

Regardless of cooler temperatures, fall is still a great time to house boat.  There are less boats on the lake, making it easier to find a private spot on almost all the beaches, makes the hot tub SO inviting in the cool morning and evenings and you’re almost guaranteed to book the weekend of your choice.

The Remote Escape still has weekends available through the fall, so contact us today to book your fall getaway!

Drone view of Remote Escape


Summer is Coming to and End

The end of summer is just around the corner, and with Alberta getting snow this morning, it seems summer was cut way too short!

The good news is, Shuswap Lake still has beautiful weather this time of year. Cooler mornings, and evening, best spent on the rooftop hot tub!

We are still running our September special, with weekends booking for only $1800.

Contact us today for more information!

Remote Escape at night